Foodie Franchises Services

Broken down into the pillars of success...

1. Research

Trademark research and filing of logo and name.

2. Disclosure

Franchise disclosure document.

3. Filings

State registrations and filings.

4. Updates

Yearly franchise disclosure update.


  • Product sourcing and procurement advising
  • Operations process review and advising
  • Training manual creation
  • Operations manual creation
  • Human resource best practices review
  • Equipment package analysis
  • Site visit
  • Initial architect drawingsMenu creation


  • Financial Review
  • Royalty and franchise fee advising
  • Key performance indicators
  • Internal control advising
  • Audit and ongoing resources
  • Review franchisee financing operations

Real Estate

  • Expansion advising
  • Demographics analysis
  • An ongoing relationship
  • Brokerage for new franchisees


  • Target demographic review
  • Brand and logo design or redesign
  • Website design / redesign
  • Company videos
  • Interior / food photos
  • Ebrochure creation
  • Social media control of brand
  • Monthly marketing campaigns


  • Expand your brand nationally
  • Expand your brand internationally
  • Single unit franchise deals
  • Multi unit franchise deals
  • Area representative deals